About r-tastic

Data without insights are just meaningless series of numbers or characters. I love diving deep into new datasets, discovering new patterns and exceptions. Getting familiar with data and saying “I know something about you now”, at the end. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.

This blog is essentially for me to showcase - and remind myself - what data / methods I’ve been playing with and what I’ve learned in the process. I built it using Hugo ’s theme blackburn and deployed it using Netlify. Also, I can now say, I contribute it to r-bloggers.

This is a second version of my R blog, the original r-tastic blog can be found here, but with time I’ll be migrating its content here.

About me

I’m an evolutionary biologist turned into a Data Scientist. I’m using R as my primary tool for data analysis and visualization. Having said that, I do work with Python, too, so don’t be surprised to see its code here from time to time.

I’m a mentor and an organiser at R-Ladies London meetup - it’s a great place to meet fantastic geeks and make good friends, so make sure to come and join us when you have a chance!

In the remnants of my spare time I do sports and bake - you figure how one drives the other!