First post in new r-tastic

OK, it had to happen and here it is: I moved my old r-tastic blog to blogdown and I’m not going to look back :) There are numerous resources that will:

  • highlight the advantages of using blogdown with Hugo over other static site generators, such as Jekyll (my previous choice)

  • explain how to set everything up (there are some excellent resources here, here or here) or

  • deploy your site (e.g. using Netlify or GitHub Pages)

better than me, so I’m not going to dwell on it here. If I was to give some advice on approaching blogdown, though, it would be:

  1. read Yihui Xie’s e-book before you read anything else - it gives a great overview of what blogdown is and how it works and even recommends a worflow to get you started :)

  2. think carefully about choosing your theme: naturally, the way it looks is important, but even more critical are good documentation and ongoing meintanance. I spent good 3-4 hours playing with different themes and the one I eventually chose - blackburn - was not the one I liked most, but the one that worked for me best.

  3. if you get lost, simply pick a blogdown blog that you like and compare its layout/structure with what you see on the author’s GitHub page. Alternatively, you can create a separate blogdown project with included example posts and refer to that when building your own site.

Hope this helps!

To finish off: old r-tastic blog is still available at its old address, but with time I’ll try to migrate as many posts from there to here.

New blogdown site, new beginning! hope to see you here more often!

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