Webscraping with R - from messy & unstructured to blisfully tidy

I stopped caring about the estimates that occasionally raid the internet about how much time data scientists spend on data wrangling VS modelling. The answer is: probably a lot and likely more than originally planned (probably indicating here dependency on the state and richness of input data and the intended application for it, ekhem). Still, the right tools can go a long way in achieving the desired result in the time frame that can surprise even the most optimistic of us.

My R Take in Advent of Code - Day 5

There’s no time to lose, so here comes another Advent of Code puzzle solved using R. Day 5 challenge, here we come! What are we expected to do? The polymer is formed by smaller units which, when triggered, react with each other such that two adjacent units of the same type and opposite polarity are destroyed. Units’ types are represented by letters; units’ polarity is represented by capitalization.

My R Take on Advent of Code - Day 4

After some wonderful Christmas and New Year’s distractions, now it’s time to continue with my Advent of Code challenges in R (before the summer comes…). To avoid waffling, the 4th puzzle offers a record of guards’ shifts with various activities plus the time they started and time. We need to gather two things from this dataset: Which guard sleeps most (minutes) and What minute does that guard spend asleep the most?

My R Take on Advent of Code - Day 3

Ho, ho, ho, Happy Chris.. New Year? Between eating the sea of fish (as the Polish tradition requires), assembling doll houses and designing a new kitchen, I finally managed to publish the third post on My R take on Advent of Code. To keep things short and sweet, here’s the original challenge: Each Elf has made a claim about which area of fabric would be ideal for Santa’s suit.

My R take on Advent of Code - Day 2

This is my second blog post from the series of My R take on Advent of Code. If you’d like to know more about Advent of Code, check out the first post from the series or simply go to their website. Below you’ll find the challnge from Day 2 and the solution that worked for me. As always, feel free to leave comments if you have different ideas on how this could have been solved!

My R take on Advent of Code - Day 1

Ho, ho, ho! It’s almost Christmas time and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for it! And what can be a better way of killing the waiting time (advent!) than participating in excellent Advent od Code. Big thanks to Colin Fay for telling me about it! It’s a series of coding riddles, one published every day between 1st and 25th of December. The riddles increase in difficulty level over time and they can be solved in any programming language, including R.